Non résumé project

Non-resume project is an interactive documentary about choices and mistakes in professionals pathways.


Our professional pathways are built on our choices. While we tend to evaluate them positively or negatively on the basis of their consequences, the multiple co-existing scenarios we live in suggest other points of view on mistakes.

Resumes are the strongest symbol of this idea: they force us to put experiences in sequence, implying a linear structure behind careers, offering a quantitative analysis on jobs and education. Or, at least, that’s what we want them to tell about us.

What lies before the beginning of a new job? Do we consider that a particular university experience been worth taking? How well did we consider it at the time of our decision? Is the start-up “fail again, fail better” trend always a good thing?

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The project is made through an online platform and a physical installation.

The online platform adopts the structure of a cluster of classical resumes, collecting things we didn’t make, as opposed to achieved goals. The result is a reflection on possibilities and choices and what we recognize as right or wrong (or both). Each milestone of this non-story is told through an interview.

Through a framework of questions, the interviews unveil hidden meanings behind what lead our choices in careers and in life, they subvert the linear conception of our professional pathways, which are redesigned on the basis of an emotional approach.

The structure of the resume is challenged, too: events which did not take place build a non real profile, with a different visualization than a timeline.

During the live-versione of “Non-résumé” visitors are asked to fill in a sort of “non-résumé form” with things they didn’t make and to be interviewed and filmed, in order to become part of the web platform with their point of view on mistakes. The forms are put onto a physical and digital wall.

Non résumé is a Storytelling Project made by Marketing Arena and Ida Studio.
Concept: Ida Studio, Marketing Arena, Alberto Gambato
Creative direction: Laura Bortoloni
Filmmaker: Alberto Gambato
Code: Marketing Arena
Thanks to: Raffaele Boiano