Giovanni, 47

Non doctor

How I did not become a doctor

Year: 1988

After my secondary school, I applied for the Medicine Faculty at Palermo University, in order to please my Mather, that was really frustrated as an Italian Literature Teacher at the Secondary School because she wanted to become a Doctor but her father, my grandpa, didn’t let her study medicine… Actually meanwhile my mother was already teaching after the Italian Literature degree, in the early ’50 of last century, she was also attending the Medicine Faculty and she was really proud of the fact that she was really good with the first two years courses and examination, no matter if the State was paying her a salary, despite she was not teaching but declaring herself sick in order to attend the Medicine lecture. What happened to me, was that I was one among more than hundreds of candidate at the selection for the first year of Medicine, and I entered the Faculty ’cause I’m really good when it comes to fill forms and multiple choice written test, but I’m a disaster when it comes to follow lectures where the University Teachers are really kind Only to other Doctor’s sons or sisters… The Medicine Faculty of the Palermo University was a sort of immoral familistic organization, in 1988-89 Academic Year and I’ve no clou of what is going on today, but I guess the situation is not so different from that big moral black hole I discovered during the first term. Before the end of the term, I left Medicine, and I started to go around Literature, Psicology, and Ingeneering Faculty, where I was following the lectures during the second term. The next Academic Year I moved to Architecture Faculty in Palermo, that was occupied after the Literature and Language Faculty. It was the beginning of the last serious political students movement in Italy, in 1989/90. The so called “Pantera” movement, that involved myself so deeply that most of my best friends are people that where involved in that national movement, I became a leader of, occupying in Rome La Sapienza University, Milano Statale University, trying to speak out in Bocconi Business School where I was invited by young students of the FGCI (young “communist” Italian organization) meanwhile a violent organised group of fanatic young catholic interrupted my speech after few minutes, as usual for integralistic people, members of Comunione and Liberazione (a TeoCon association born in Milan to destroy the political movements in the city because of a conservative priest, called “don Giussani” during 1969). It was charming and I decided to go to Trento, where a small group of women, students at the Sociology Faculty, where really proud of helping me to occupy first the Literature and Foreign Language Faculty, the day after Sociology (the famous first Sociology Faculty in Italy, famous mainly because of two students during the 1968 movement: Mauro Rostagno, a non violent guru killed by mafia in Sicily during 1988, and his friend Renato Curcio, founder of the “Brigate Rosse” clandestine movement, involved in class and armed struggle). It was not only for passion and love that I left Palermo, the next Academic Year, and I started to study in Trento, during 1990/91… but Sociology was really boring, and I made the final mistake of entering as students speaker in the Faculty board, a community of teacher devoted to keep the power shared in mainly 3 groups: 33% to the Cristian Democratic area, 33% to the Masonic Ring (symbolic and ecumenic percentage) and the 33% left to the left and the former left of the Bettino Craxi Socialist Party heritable… what a bulshit is Sociology, I’m happy to be a non sociologist, with my never ending Academic Career… Accademia is the death of free thinking. Escape from Italian University if You are still in time…